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 Allies! ^_^

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Luna Barrons

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PostSubject: Allies! ^_^   Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:02 pm

It's always a good idea to have allies, which we do. Some of the top FCs are not only our allies but our friends and come together with us for raids and events. Below is a list of our most trusted allies. Please be kind to any members you see from these groups as we do not wish any bad blood between us. The top 2 FCs listed are our closest allies and you will probably see them around our house from time to time. We're always doing things with them. ^_^

Name: Vic Kings
Tag: Blunt

Name: Weapon

Name: Free Chicken

Name: Sleeping Forest
Tag: Dream

Name: The Band Of Seven
Tag: TBo7

Name: Knights Of Immortal
Tag: Koil

Name: Browncoats

Name: Fairy Horizon
Tag: F.H.C

Name: Legion Of Shadow
Tag: L.o.S

We have an Alliance LS where we can come together to grab extra help with raids and primals. Lots of times we put together parties to help clear people through things or to farm for gear. Once you have at least 1 lvl 50 class you can be added to this LS. If you have a lvl 50 and are not in the LS yet then please let me or one of the other leaders of our FC know so that we can add you to it.
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Allies! ^_^
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