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 Recruit to Win!! - FC competition with rewards!

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Luna Barrons

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PostSubject: Recruit to Win!! - FC competition with rewards!   Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:10 pm

The time has come for a little friendly competition. Get ready! First person to bring in 15 new members will be rewarded with some special glam items, a minion, barding for their Chocobo, 300,000 Gil and one rank up within the FC. Below is the rules of the game as well as a list of the reward items. I'll be keeping score, so pay attention!

Anyone can join! Be you an old and respected member or a new one. Your goal is to be the first to bring in 15 new members by Sunday the 14th 6:00 PM Eastern time. Sounds easy, right? Think again! xD. You are not allowed to send out invitations yourselves. ^.- You'll have to message me (tell me in FC chat) the name of the person you are recruiting and I will send them an invite as well as mark how many people you've brought in. If I'm not on then you can have one of the other leaders invite them or tell the person to put in an application and say you recruited them. Each time you bring one in you get a mark. However! If they leave the FC for any reason before the due date they will get marked off as if never have been recruited. Haha. Please keep in mind that we do not just send out random invites, so do NOT send me names of people you just happen to notice do not have an FC. Speak to them about the FC and see if they are interested. I'll be messaging them to make sure. MUAHAHAHA! Good luck and have fun!

Be aware that you have to be lvl 50 in order to glam. That said, if you are not lvl 50 you can save these glam items for when you reach lvl 50. Tbh, once you win these items you can do whatever you want with them. Keep them, sell them, give them to friends. It's up to you! Once again, the first person to bring in 15 new members gets ALL these rewards.

Tidal Barding

or Blue Summer Maro/Sea Breeze Summer Pareo

Glacial Coat

Sailor Deck Shoes

Gravel Golem

300,000 Gil!! SCORE!

FC RANK UP! If you are Duke or Dutchess this will not apply.

Special thanks to Ender Hawkeye and White Nightmare for contributing time fishing to desynth those skirts and for donating the Gil.
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Recruit to Win!! - FC competition with rewards!
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