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 Chocobo Raising

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PostSubject: Chocobo Raising   Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:45 am

Chocobo Raising will allow you to train your Chocobo to increase your Chocobo Rank beyond 10. Max Rank is 20. It also allows you to change the color of your Chocobo and rename it at the Stable. If you already have Chocobo Raising then please scroll down to check out the Chocobo Food Effects Spreadsheet.

First you want to be sure you have completed the lvl 30 quest My Feisty Little Chocobo wich can be found in South Shroud at x17,y28. Next be sure to complete the lvl 30 quest Bird in Hand which can be found in Central Shroud at x20,y21. Now you are ready for Chocobo Raising!

What you can do by stabling your Chocobo.

By feeding your Chocobo one of the various fruits you can train him to gain XP and Trait bonuses. See a Spreadsheet for what Effects you can get from what fruits by clicking Chocobo - Food Effects
And to know what seeds to intercross with others to get the special Chocobo food please click Chocobo - Food Intercrossing

Change your Chocobo's name. Why? Because you can! I won't though. Razz

Change your Chocobo's color!! You can make your Chocobo any of the colors you can dye your gear with, but you're going to need special fruit to do so. See the post about Chocobo Plumage HERE!

You can inspect other FC member's Chocobos while they are stabled. Cool feature if you want to look up the names, colors, etc.

When we have our FC house please clean the stable. If you see the stable is no longer sparkling, please take the one minute it takes to clean it. Just buy a Magicked Stable Broom from the Junkmonger who will be placed in the house. It's not fair the same people always get stuck cleaning up the mess.
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Chocobo Raising
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